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We know how to manage the complex workflow of a CFD simulation even with demanding time and modeling constraints. Focused on our clients needs and always on time we provide reliable results that will boost your product development.

Definition of the numerical model:
The first part of our consulting know-how: What has to be simulated how and which results can be expected from that?

CAD cleaning and meshing
The still most time consuming step of a CFD analysis: We make use of the most advanced surface wrapping technologies - or meshing tools that are robust against CAD quality. We know which details of the geometry have to be resolved as they have effects on the results - and which don´t.

CFD: Simulation of the fluid flow
The right numerical solver for your requirements. More than enough CPU power for a fast job execution.

Postprocessing and analysis of results
The second part of our consulting know-how:  Understandably prepared results provide insight into the fluid mechanics of your products.
And last but not least: Which conclusions have to be drawn form this? We prepare the results in form of a report: According to your requirements that is a condensed short report, an extensive documentation or concrete suggestions on product improvements in CAD.

Improvement of your products: We guide you from translating simulation results into real improvements of the product: Solutions for Product Design

CFD Simulation
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