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List of reference projects
  • Fluid flow through a hydrant: Optimisation of pressure loss, cavitation
  • Cooling of computer tomographs (moving grids) in several product generations
  • Oilcooling circle of an X-ray unit (moving geometry): Friction optimisation, cavitation
  • External aerodynamics of high speed trains
  • Heating/Ventilation/Airconditioning of a train´s passenger compartment: Solar radiation, buoyancy, heat conduction
  • Heating/Ventilation/Airconditioning in automotive:
    Numerical simulations for cockpit development for several clients: Consulting on development of the whole HVAC system
  • Underhood flow and whole car external aerodynamics
  • Airflow in a cleanroom with moving person
  • Optimisation of air supply units
  • Exhaust pipe systems
  • Hairdryer: Optmisation of pressure loss
  • Windpower: Analysis of airfoils and CFD for siting analysis
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