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The new reference for CFD wind resource assessment: O.F.Wind

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing fields today

Wind energy is important for many reasons. For one, it is easy to use, it is renewable, it doesn't cost anything and it's clean and good to our earth. If we run out of other resources it would be great to have wind energy as a backup plan.

Find the ideal site for your wind farm

Developing a new wind energy project is complex, many different stages from construction and operation have to be proceeded. One very important part of the process is to find an ideal site for wind farms, a site with siginificant wind resource! Accurate wind forecasting for placement ot the wind turbines will allow wind farm operators favorable trading performance on the electrictiy markets.

CFD Site assessement with O.F.Wind

To help you evaluate your  site and confirm whether or not it is suitable to install a wind turbines, we have designed O.F.Wind for CFD site assessement, easy to use even for complex terrain modeling, like forrests and mountains.

In 2009 CFD+engineering found out that traditional site assessment CFD software has lots of restrictions for the user in terms of solution robustness, terrain complexity, model size and control over computational run. For real CFD software applications these restrictions are unknown! O.F.Wind combines the strengths of a powerful CFD code with a user-friendly GUI.

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wind resource assessment
wind resource assessment
Key features of O.F.Wind you should know
  • Reliable and robust: No divergence problems
  • Unlimited Terrain complexity
  • Based on the cutting edge open source CFD tool OpenFOAMĀ®
  • Unlimited parallel computing, unlimited model size
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Dedicated easy to use GUI
  • Links to other programs: WindPro (.map and time series), wrg, Surfer
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